The Second Innovation and Intellectual Property Protection Conference (IIPPC) of Boao Forum for Asia (BFA)

The world today is facing various challenges of economic recovery in the post pandemic era. Intellectual property, as a strategic resource for global economic development, is of great significance for technological innovation and enhancing international competitiveness. As an important platform for the international community, the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) has paid close attention to innovation, scientific and technological progress and intellectual property protection in recent years. In particular, it has arranged to hold a special conference on "Innovation and Intellectual Property Protection" within the framework of the Conference of International Science, Technology and Innovation Forum (ISTIF).

On July 13, 2022, BFA held the first Innovation and Intellectual Property Protection Conference (IIPPC) in Guangzhou. Edmund Ho Hau-wah, the Vice Chairman of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, President of ISTIF attended the plenary. Li Baodong, Secretary General of BFA, Wang Binying, Deputy Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and a number of government officials, international scholars, multinational entrepreneurs addressed the plenary.

In order to continue to vigorously promote the construction of the global intellectual property system, promote high-level opening up, build a new pattern of high-quality development, and continue to promote the development of the global economy and society through high-level international intellectual property exchanges, BFA decides to hold the second IIPPC in Guangzhou with a focus on the intellectual property system to stimulate innovative vitality and promote the high-level opening up and high-quality development of the global economy.

Organizational structure

Host: Boao Forum for Asia

Organizer: Organizing Committee of ISTIF

Supporting Agencies: 

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Office in China

South China University of Technology

China Intellectual Property Society

Guangdong Knowledge Economy Development Promotion- Association

Executive Unit: Guangzhou YI-WU International Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Thursday, 20th July
(3F, The LangHam Place)
(3F, Great Hall EF, The LangHam Place)
14:00-15:30Session 1 Intellectual Property Supports High-Quality Development of Manufacturing

(3F, Ballroom ABC, The LangHam Place)

- Analyzing the international trend in Asia, the Americas, Europe, and other regions that highly value the supporting role of real economy development with manufacturing as the main body in economic and social development.

- Exploring the great significance of intellectual property system, a fundamental legal system for protecting innovation, which is enhancing the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

- Understanding the inherent logic and mechanisms of intellectual property protection and high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, to embrace new opportunities and challenges in the global development trend.

14:00-15:30Session 2 The Layout and Trend of Intellectual Property in Future Industries

(3F, Ballroom EFG, The LangHam Place)

- With the rapid development of future industries such as artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, virtual space, new energy, and new materials, the rapid advancement of technology poses significant challenges to the strategic adjustment of enterprise intellectual property.

- Focusing on the trend of intellectual property protection in future industries, and exploring the formulation of intellectual property strategies in the background of rapid technological development.

- How to reduce intellectual property risks in the future industrial investment process, including international political policy risks, technological risks, and judicial system risks?

16:00-17:30Session 3 Considerations of Intellectual Property Strategy in the Capital Market

(3F, Ballroom ABC, The LangHam Place)

- How to reflect the value of intellectual property in the value consideration of the capital market? And how to change, sublimate, and against risks?

- Analyzing typical cases of intellectual property in the capital market.

- Exploring issues such as enhancing the value of intellectual property  value-cashing, and appreciating value of scientific and technological innovation enterprises, directing the capital investment in core dominant enterprises of intellectual property.

16:00-17:30Session 4 Brand Strategy and High Quality Development of Regional Economy and Enterprises

(3F, Ballroom EFG, The LangHam Place)

- Analyzing the significance of brand strategy in promoting regional economic development and forming urban dominant industry.

- Exploring the international and global brand formation strategy and global trademark layout of enterprises.

- Focusing on the difficulties in brand protection, exploring new ideas and models in the process of ecological construction of intellectual property protection, and promoting the improvement of the global intellectual property protection system.

18:00-19:30Gala Dinner (Invitation Only)
 (3F, Great Hall EF, The LangHam Place)


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